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Artist Spotlight Series: Daryl Thetford

Daryl Thetford is an artist who defies easy categorization. His work melds graphic design, modern aesthetics, and pop art with a touch of the contemporary. Is it photo collage? Digital art? Digital mixed media? While the debate continues, one thing is certain, Thetford's creations are truly unique and captivating.

Daryl Thetford Art Installation

The Process

Daryl Thetford’s artistic journey begins with the selection of a single original photographic image. What follows is a meticulous process of digital layering and combining of dozens of additional original photographs. On average, this labor-intensive process consumes about 40 hours of his time. The resulting images are a blend of culturally familiar subjects such as bikes, cowboys, guitars, and cityscapes, as well as more introspective series that delve into man's struggle with modern society or the human sense of isolation amidst the noise of contemporary life.

The process doesn’t stop there. Daryl Thetford transforms these digital artworks into one-of-a-kind mixed-media pieces. Using torn and weathered handmade paper, various artist mediums, and acrylic paint, he creates stunning paintings that bring his digital creations to life in a tactile and tangible form.

Portrait of artist, Daryl Thetford

Life and Inspiration

Currently residing in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Daryl Thetford is married to Dana Shavin, a talented writer and also an artist. Together, they find joy in travel, savoring great food, exploring great art, and cherishing the company of good friends. This vibrant life undoubtedly fuels Thetford’s creativity, adding depth and richness to his work!

Exhibitions and Recognition

Thetford’s art has been showcased in solo and group exhibitions across the United States, gracing the walls of prestigious museums and galleries. Some notable venues include the Ormond Museum of Art in Florida, the Art Museum of the University of Memphis, the Knoxville Museum of Art, and the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles, among others.

Commissions and Collections

In addition to exhibitions, Thetford has been commissioned by a diverse range of public agencies and corporations. His client list includes the Chattanooga Parks and Recreation Department, Sony Records in Nashville, Scripps Networks in Knoxville, and many more. His artwork can also be found in public and corporate collections across the country, from the Mayor’s Office in Hoover, Alabama, to the Texas Office of Tourism in Austin.

Be sure to check out Daryl Thetford's Instagram for more of his incredible artworks! 


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