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812 Maplewood Fine Art Services was founded by Isabelle Austill-Barker in Houston, Texas in an effort to promote art market education, appreciation and participation. Born out of her childhood home street address, the name 812 Maplewood recalls the place in which Isabelle developed a love for art - from watching her mother grow an art collection, to experiencing the joy of creating art herself.


With a particular interest in emerging artists and markets, our newsfeed identifies and illuminates trends and innovations occurring across the international contemporary art market. More, it highlights key art world events and exhibitions, as well as the significant initiatives of industry players.


Through gallery tours, artist talks, and regular events programming we integrate art collecting with unforgettable experiences to provide our clients with an emotional connection to every artwork they add to their collection.


Our advisory seamlessly guides collectors through the art acquisitions process. Offering bespoke services, we work together with new and seasoned collectors to build and manage one-of-a-kind residential or corporate art collections tailored to our client’s individual tastes.


To learn more about our services and how we can help new and seasoned collectors alike, check out our services page!

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