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Founder and Principal of 812 Maplewood, Isabelle is an independent art consultant based in Houston, Texas with experience guiding private clients through the process of building their art collections. 


Isabelle holds Concurrent Bachelor of Arts degrees in Art History and Studio Art (Painting/Drawing) from Pennsylvania State University, as well as, a Master’s degree in Art Business through Sotheby’s Institute of Art - London. Isabelle's studies led her across the globe, familiarizing her with the Western European art market centers; including, but not limited to London, Paris and Florence. Moreover, Isabelle's master's dissertation on the evolution and development of art centers throughout Southeast Asia gave her intimate access to leading cultural institutions in Vietnam and Indonesia. 


In addition to her academic background, Isabelle's work history includes experience in both the public and private art sectors. She began her career in Youth Education development at the Mobile Museum of Art in Alabama, where she devised elementary educational programming and interactive exhibition guides. Shifting into the private sector, Isabelle worked as a freelance writer and critic for the Sotheby's art editorial site Made in Bed, as a catalog coordinator for NEXO Art Advisory, and as an art consultant at Renaissance Fine Arts. 

Isabelle's passion for experience driven art collecting as a means of promoting appreciation of and participation within the art industry led to the foundation of 812 Maplewood. By integrating unique experiences into the collection process and by fostering artist and collector interaction, Isabelle strives to provide her clients with an emotional connection to every artwork they add to their collection.

Portrait of the Founder and Principle of 812 Maplewood Fine Art Services. There is a girl standing in front of a doorway.
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