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  1. Why should I use an art consultant? 

    • Our advisory services offer experience and resources to help you achieve the desired aesthetic for the spaces you are looking to fill, within any given parameters. (Budget, timeline, collection goals, etc.)

  2. Who are your typical clients? 

    • Our clients truly run the gamut - from young professionals hoping to make their rental apartments feel personalized, to families with young children looking to fill their first homes, empty-nesters getting ready to downsize, and career-driven individuals looking to create a space to entertain and host clients and business associates. The common thread is that each one of our clients desires a space that reflects their individual tastes and interests. The clients that we work best with are clients who see value in the creative process, and value the experience, expertise, and resources of a professional art advisor. They understand that an art advisor protects them from inflated market prices and poor-quality artworks. They are willing to invest in what they truly want their space to look and feel like.

  3. Where do you find most of your artists? 

    • 812 Maplewood is constantly discovering new artists through industry partnerships, studio visits, publications, social media, and art fairs. We are unrestricted in our sources for new and exciting artists and artworks. Our first and last priority is to find artworks that best fit our client’s criterion.

  4. Do you offer free consultations? 

    • We charge a non-refundable fee for our initial in-home consultation since we are blocking out a specific time on our calendar and traveling to your home to assess the space, measure and photograph the walls, and make recommendations.

  5. Do you have a particular style of artwork or a genre that you prefer? 
    • ​​With experience placing a variety of artworks across genres, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to produce the right artworks for our clients. We are happy to work with you regardless of your preferred art style, and even encourage “cross-collecting” - collecting artworks across a range of categories (different movements, mediums, and time frames).
  6. Is there a minimum project budget?
    • ​​We do not have an official minimum project budget. While we can certainly source artworks below $1000, or help with framing selections, there is an hourly fee of $125 for research and sourcing no matter the price of the artwork. 
  7. Will I get a chance to see the works in person before purchasing?

    • Since we are not a gallery and we source artworks from far and wide, we will not always have pieces for you to see in person and test before we order. What you can rely on is that we establish relationships with excellent industry partners and artists, so we know the quality of their work and the artists processes for the works we present. In the event works are not available to see in person, we are able to superimpose artworks to scale into images of the spaces you are looking to fill. 

  8. Do you offer discounts?

    • ​We offer the best pricing possible to our clients. Working on a volume basis with industry partners, we are frequently presented with industry discounts. When possible, we offer artworks at less than the retail price on full-service projects. Notably, these discounts are variable.

  9. Can I change my mind after commissioning an artwork?

    • All commissioned art is paid for in-full up front. Once your order is placed and confirmation is received from artist it cannot be cancelled. Commissions require extra time to create a specialized piece adjusted to the tastes of the client, and for that reason artists will not cancel special orders. 

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