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Artist Spotlight Series: Kyte Tatt

In the heart of Berlin's thriving art scene resides Kyte Tatt, an American-born mixed media artist whose work seamlessly blends abstract expressionism with profound philosophical inquiry.

Abstracted Floral on Canvas Paintings with artist Kyte Tatt in the studio

With roots tracing back to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kyte's artistic evolution has been shaped by a nomadic lifestyle and a diverse array of influences. Kyte Tatt's artistic journey commenced in childhood, marked by early recognition in primary school art competitions. However, it was his decision to embark on a decade-long journey living in a caravan, spanning 22 countries, that catalyzed his artistic development. Immersed in various cultures and landscapes, Kyte's nomadic lifestyle fueled his creativity and laid the groundwork for his later works.

Abstracted Floral on Canvas Painting by Kyte Tatt
Kyte Tatt, ID 1118 Acrylic on Canvas, 170 x 150 cm / 67 x 59 in

In 2015, Kyte Tatt found himself drawn to Berlin's vibrant artistic community, where he began to hone his skills as a painter. Inspired by the city's cultural diversity and spirit of experimentation, he delved into abstract floral compositions, utilizing simple tools like the palette knife and squeegee to create evocative imagery.

Central to Kyte Tatt's artistic vision is his exploration of nature, consciousness, and the human condition. Drawing parallels between the formation of diamonds under intense pressure and the creation of his own art amidst the chaos of a decaying world, he infuses his work with a profound sense of interconnectedness and resilience.

Tatt's art is informed by a wide range of influences, spanning mystics, poets, philosophers, and artists. Figures such as Terence McKenna, Charles Bukowski, and Salvador Dali have left an indelible mark on his artistic sensibilities, shaping the themes and motifs present in his work.

Abstracted Floral on Canvas Painting by Kyte Tatt
Kyte Tatt, ID 1088 Acrylic on Canvas, 170 x 150 cm / 67 x 59 in

As Tatt continues to refine his craft, he remains committed to pushing the boundaries of his artistic expression. His aspirations include participating in international residencies, exhibiting his art globally, and further exploring the intersection of art, philosophy, and spirituality.

Tatt's art serves as a reflection of his ongoing exploration of the world around him and the depths of human consciousness. Through his work, he invites viewers to contemplate the intricacies of existence and the beauty found amidst life's chaos. As he continues to evolve as an artist, Kyte Tatt's legacy is poised to leave a lasting impression on the art world and those who engage with his thought-provoking creations.

Abstracted Floral on Canvas Painting by Kyte Tatt
Kyte Tatt, ID 973 Acrylic on Canvas, 170 x 150 cm / 67 x 59 in
Dive deeper into Kyte Tatt's artistic journey and inspirations through a few questions with the artists!

Describe your typical studio day and creative process. How do you maintain focus and productivity? Take us through your abstract floral composition creation, from concept to execution, including color, shape, and texture decisions.

My typical studio day begins with administrative work. I tackle all the emails and inquiries that have come through the day before. I find it difficult to begin creating and dreaming while I have tasks waiting on me. Once those are cleared out of my way I can begin painting.

My most current body of work, “The Gardens of Liberty Collection,” which I have been working on for over two years, is characterized by gestural movements and freedom on the canvas. Too much planning or thinking only muddles the process. I allow intuition and impulse to guide me through each painting, allowing whatever pleases me in the moment to come through. This is where my best work is done.

Portrait of the artist, Kyte Tatt

Given your extensive travel experiences and diverse sources of inspiration, how has travel impacted your artistic style? Can you recount a specific travel memory or encounter that deeply influenced a particular artwork or series?

Yes, I have traveled extensively during my lifetime, 24 countries now visited. Particularly, my experiences living on the road in my RV for 10 years has impacted my current body of work. During that time, I lived in my RV and worked seasonally on farms. In many instances, I would be in one place for several months or returning to the same place over years. I built and left many gardens along my way. The last farm that I was a part of, I orbited for about three years. I overhauled the landscape and planted many flowers that grew into a lush little paradise. Moving onward, I left that life in 2015 and moved myself to the metropolis of Berlin Germany. I found myself longing for the countryside and gardens that I left behind in the USA. As a means of coping with my new life, I began painting flowers to remind and reminisce on the freedom and joy of my caravan days.

How do you expect your surroundings and cultural experiences to shape your art as you pursue international exhibitions and continue traveling?

As I continue to grow as a person and an artist, slowly my experiences begin to leech into my work. I find new symbols for my expression in each new place that I go. These symbols commingle with metaphor and my own personal story to generate new ideas and representation in my work.

Abstracted Floral on Canvas Painting with artist Kyte Tatt
Kyte Tatt, ID 1096 Acrylic on Canvas, 170 x 150 cm / 67 x 59 in

Balancing personal expression and audience resonance can be challenging.Does this play into your creative process? If so, how do you navigate this, and what do you hope viewers glean from your art?

Mentally, it can be a challenge to balance audience resonance and personal expression. It’s something that I believe many artists struggle with. When the brush hits the canvas, this mental struggle leaves me. I believe that my audience trusts me as an artist to put forth honest work and allows me to demonstrate what exactly I want to show. I hope that my viewers glean a sense of humanity, the desire for freedom, and the struggle in life to obtain a sense of it outside of the oppression of day to day life. I paint what is true to me, and in this honesty my audience will resonate with what I create. We are all more alike than we are different after all.

What are your artistic career goals and upcoming projects? How do you plan to continue to grow and challenge yourself? Do you have exhibitions or art fair participation on the calendar for 2024? 

My artistic goals for 2024 is the embarking of a new body of work. I will be painting less florals and moving on to more figurative style pieces as well as abstracts. I have begun collaboration with more galleries and wish to pursue this path more. I currently have an exhibition at the end of May with Kunstraum Kreuzberg, here in Berlin.


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