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Artist Spotlight Series: Braxton Fuller

Delve into the captivating evolution of Braxton Fuller's artistry, from poetic origins to innovative text and abstract works, exploring the emotive depth of his unique visual language.

Braxton Fuller Artist Portrait In Studio
Braxton Fuller Artist Portrait In Studio

Braxton Fuller, a contemporary American artist born in 1992 and based in Kansas City, Missouri, emerges as a distinct voice in the realm of contemporary art. His creative journey, initially seeded in the world of poetry, has blossomed into a dynamic exploration of text and abstract expressionism, capturing the essence of human experience with striking clarity.

"Ace up My Sleeve"                                                             24x36" Acrylic, Oil Stick on Canvas
"Ace up My Sleeve" 24x36" Acrylic, Oil Stick on Canvas

Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of life, Fuller's artworks serve as vivid chronicles of his personal odyssey. Each piece acts as a window into pivotal moments and profound emotions, offering viewers a glimpse into the depths of his soul.

Through a masterful interplay of mediums, including his own devised alphabet and language, Fuller crafts visual narratives that resonate on a visceral level.

Bold and minimalist in design, Fuller's compositions are often punctuated by thought-provoking quotes that beckon introspection and contemplation. His work transcends mere aesthetic appeal, serving as a catalyst for dialogue and connection in an increasingly fragmented world.

Represented by esteemed galleries such as Artitude Galeria, Fuller's artistic footprint extends across the globe, with solo and group exhibitions captivating audiences with their raw emotional power and thought-provoking themes.

"Field of Dreams" Braxton Fuller, 30x40" Acrylic, Aerosol on Astroturf Wrapped Panel
"Field of Dreams" 30x40" Acrylic, Aerosol on Astroturf Wrapped Panel
"Secrets" Braxton Fuller, 18x24" Acrylic, Oil Pastel on Canvas
"Secrets" 18x24" Acrylic, Oil Pastel on Canvas
Gain Insight into Braxton Fuller's Inspirations and Creative Process through a Series of In-depth Questions with the Artist!

Braxton Fuller Artist Portrait
Braxton Fuller Artist Portrait

Could you guide us through a typical day in your studio and your approach to the creative process for each piece?

 A typical day for me always starts with coffee. Every day I go through some kind of creative exercise to get my brain going. The more you write, the better you get. The more you paint, the better you get. When it comes to my work, I really try to hone in on subconscious thoughts that we all have.  I like to create works that have an edge to them but are easily digestible. With text artwork, it's all about your tone and your style. I try to remain consistent on one of those aspects. I'm able to use all of my background with my current work. Its almost like I did everything over the years for a reason. (lol) I try to hold on to my audience for a period longer than what their attention span holds. I want a simple sentence to take them through a unique experience.

You've mentioned that each artwork represents a significant period in your life and acts as a means of communicating your experiences. Could you share a specific work that holds significant personal meaning for you, and delve into the emotions and experiences that inspired its creation?

I would say that my "internal conflicts" series that I recently finished holds a significant meaning to me. I did a series of artworks representing conflicts we all face daily. It was a series of works that I felt like I had inside of me and I just had to get them out at the time. Quotes like "Pretending everything is okay just to feel something," & "The wars fought inside my head could change the world" were just a couple of pieces I created for the series. It was almost like I realized I had trauma and had to immediately address it. Through my experiences, I was able to make work extremely relatable to my audience. This series was all about the urge to let go of the inner conflicts that I faced daily. I might've lost the battle on some days, but throughout my time on this earth, I plan to conquer the war called life. 2.

Kansas City, Missouri, is your home base for creating art. How does the local community and environment influence your artistic process and the themes you choose to explore in your work?

"Express Yourself 2" Braxton Fuller 36x36" Mixed Media on Canvas
"Express Yourself 2" 36x36" Mixed Media on Canvas

Kansas City is a huge art city. There are murals everywhere you turn. We have established museums with established artists, blue-chip artists, and famous deceased artists as well. The world here influences me greatly. It reminds me of what is capable when you refuse to give up and work hard every day. The possibilities are endless when you keep your head down and roll with the punches. There are art exhibitions every weekend it seems like, so I'm constantly surrounded by art but also inspired. I aim to create works that resonate with the everyday person. My vulnerabilities are my superpowers. Once a person learns that, they are capable of anything they put their mind to. you never know who you're going to help when you put yourself out there. Kansas City has ample opportunities for you to do that.

How do you balance maintaining the intimacy of your own story while inviting viewers to interpret and connect with your art through their own perspectives and experiences?

I wouldn't say I balance it very well. I actually try not to balance it. I open myself up to interpretation with every painting I finish. I like to blend my story with theirs. Doing that, allows me to open up conversations that maybe would've never been had before. It also gives me a way to connect with people who are scared to talk about their experiences and perspectives. I want my audience to know that they aren't alone in this world. My story is unique, and it is slowly being revealed with each brush stroke that I finish. My goal is to meet my audience half-way, so that they can be a part of my story when it's all said and done. Sometimes, I try to work from different perspectives of people. It allows me to tap into potential stories that I may or may not have been through. But someone else has, and that means it relates to someone else out there. Life is all about experiences, art helps tell my story. 

"Adulting" 18x24" Acrylic, Oil Stick on Canvas
"Adulting" 18x24" Acrylic, Oil Stick on Canvas

What's on the docket for 2024? Do you have any exhibitions or fair participation on the schedule or a new series of works you are potentially looking to explore?


2024 is my biggest year yet!

May 6th, I have a group exhibition in Chicago at Artist Replete. May 15th, I have another group exhibition in Chicago at Gino & Marty's.September 6th, I have a solo exhibition in Kansas City with Kansas City Artist CoalitionSeptember and October, I have two group shows in Philadelphia with Noname Gallery.

I'm hoping to participate in more art fairs and exhibitions as well, its only May!!


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