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Art Advising Process: A Corporate Art Collection

Beautify, Challenge, Enhance

Robert Tillberg, Keren Toledano
St. Louis Board Room

In March of this year, 812 Maplewood was approached by an investment firm looking for an art advisor to facilitate building a corporate art collection. Their goal was to create brand unity across their five office locations spanning the Unites States. What's more, the CEO requested high impact art that would leave an impression on its audiences and imbue their building with energy and dynamism.

Samara Shuter, Manolo Marquez, Andy Taylor, Rebecca Reeve
Salt Lake City Training Room

Beyond capitalizing on the aesthetic value of art, our aim was to enhance client perceptions of the firm while boosting employee moral, inducing productivity and evoking creative thinking. Accordingly, the purpose of the collection was to beautify the space, challenge and motivate its audiences, and enhance internal and external brand perceptions.

Daryl Thetford, Keren Toledano
Omaha Conference Room

To achieve the collection goals, we set off to source works of art from around the world differing in style, medium, and subject matter. Across the five office locations, the art collection comprises nineteen artists, of which, eight are women, and eleven are from outside the United States.

Daryl Thetford
St. Louis Back Office

In addition to the vast array of artists represented, we worked with the firm to highlight their unique company culture. The bull motifs featured across every location - a none to subtle call to their profession - were not the only reference to the firm's identity. Represented across a number of works are the destinations from the firm’s corporate excursions. Vistas and cityscapes from New Zealand, Napa, Paris and Madrid are found throughout each of the offices.

Black and White Destination Photos, Daryl Thetford
St. Louis Back Office Hallway

Over the course of four months, we sourced, proposed, coordinated sales, managed transportation, oversaw framing, and organized delivery and installation for more than 200 unique and limited edition artworks.

At last, following the final installation at the company headquarters, we organized a collection inauguration event.

Juan Garaizabal
St. Louis Training Room

There we hosted two of the artists represented in the collection. They created the collection's final artworks live, in front our client's employees, as well as led brief lectures detailing their backgrounds, processes, and conceptual motivations. The event ended with an art tour through each of the artworks housed in that office.

Natalya Sevastyanova
St. Louis Entryway

As always, it was such a pleasure to work with all of the artists, installers, framers, and partners for working alongside me to make this possible. We are so happy our wonderful client entrusted us to bring this collection to fruition.


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