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Robert Tillberg, originally from Glastonbury, CT, nurtured his passion for art from an early age, often creating life-sized drawings of his Star Wars figures. His artistic journey led him to Radford University in Virginia, where he majored in Art with a focus on Graphic Design and later earned a minor in Art History during a semester in Greece. He furthered his studies at Central Connecticut State University.


His early portfolio showcased a diverse range of subjects, styles, and mediums, reflecting his boundless inspiration and love for new challenges. However, by 2016, Rob gravitated towards abstract art. Embracing this newfound freedom, he streamlined his focus, honing his skills in various mediums. His current work often combines multiple layers of oil and acrylic, with a unique twist of creating and applying his own medium, dubbed "special sauce." This innovative blend, enriched with natural pigments and textures, allows him to craft distinctive colors and finishes in his pieces.

In 2019, Rob and his wife relocated from St. Pete, FL, to Klamath Falls, OR, seeking new horizons. Today, Rob's abstract art, characterized by its depth, texture, and unique color palette, continues to evolve, reflecting his journey and mastery of his craft.



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