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Natalya Sevastyanova, a Los Angeles-based contemporary ceramic artist, draws inspiration from the expansive landscapes of the Ural Mountains in Russia, where her journey in self-expression began. Starting as a muralist and animator, Natalya's artistic evolution led her to explore the realms of architecture and design, culminating in the attainment of an M.F.A. in Architecture Design from the prestigious Academy of Architecture and Arts in Ekaterinburg, Russia.


After immersing herself in the fields of architecture and design for several years, Natalya felt a compelling inclination towards working with tactile mediums. In 2013, she found her true calling in clay – a material that became her channel to capture the untamed essence of nature and bring it into the homes of her clients.

Natalya's artistic journey has been a dynamic progression, evolving from creating exquisite pottery tableware to crafting intricate teapot ceremony sets. Currently, her focus lies in the realm of wall sculpture installations, where her creations transcend functional art into captivating visual experiences.

Under the title Seva Ceramics, Natalya's pieces have found homes globally, captivating audiences with their fusion of form and nature-inspired aesthetics. Her works have graced the walls of art galleries across Los Angeles, becoming a testament to her skillful mastery of the craft and her unique ability to infuse the wildness of nature into her creations.

In addition to her artistic endeavors, Natalya shares her passion and expertise through private masterclasses, where she guides enthusiasts in the intricate techniques of Raku firing. This dedication to education reflects her commitment to nurturing a community of artists who share her love for the transformative power of clay.

As Natalya Sevastyanova continues to push the boundaries of contemporary ceramic art, her creations serve as a testament to the harmonious union of artistic vision, nature, and the timeless medium of clay.



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