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Chuck Elliott (b. 1967, Camberwell, London) is a pioneering figure in digitally generated art, leveraging technology to redefine abstract fine art printmaking for the digital age. In 1989, he acquired the first Apple Macintosh imported to the UK, marking the start of his journey into digital creativity.


Graduating with First Class Honors in Graphic Art from Middlesex University in 1992, Elliott co-founded Daïs in 1994 and Flux in 1995—successful London-based art studios. In 2005, he founded Transistor and relocated to Bristol, where he dove into sublime studies of light, color, motion, and liquid geometry.

Amidst the Coronavirus lockdown in 2020, his studio underwent a reassessment, resulting in the renaming to Chuck Elliott Studio, symbolizing a connection between his art and evolving dynamics.

Chuck Elliott's artistic process mirrors modern music production, manipulating color spaces, fine-tuning light levels, and crafting a myriad of images. His work stands as a logical progression, seamlessly integrating technology and artistic expression, leaving an indelible mark on contemporary fine art.



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